Beck Lorsch
Student | Software Developer



I am passionate software developer and first-year at Yale College from San Francisco tentatively joint majoring in computer science and economics. I have completed projects independently, with partners, and for clients. I started programming in Swift in 2015 shortly after it's release and have worked with iOS for nearly 9 years.

In working on my projects—which have been downloaded in more than 70 countries—I have grown familiar with Apple and third party technologies including Git, CocoaPods, ResearchKit, CoreData, Realm, RESTful APIs, CocoaPods, GraphQL, AWS (Cognito, AppSync, etc.), tvOS, Firebase, Twilio, in app purchases (especially subscriptions), the Spotify SDK, and Auth0.

Besides iOS development, I have worked with JavaScript/Vue/Node.js, Python/Flask, Java/Android, Docker, and Kubernetes. When I'm not coding or in school, I take photos (film and digital), sail, surf, and read (often on economic history).

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